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We provide a straightforward, interactive streaming platform that engages your audience – offering a world of opportunity for live production crews, internal and external communication teams and event companies.
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In today's pandemic world, communication becomes a vital, but slightly complex issue. More than ever, we consume video and audio from behind our computer, and at the same time, as a viewer, we demand direct interaction with our presenters.
That's why we've developed a host of tools and services that enable exactly that: interaction. From live webcasts, webinars and training courses - and company tv & radio - we can keep your audience engaged and smiling throughout the whole journey.
Built and used by livestreaming crews around the world, we hope your internal or external production team will become our next customer. We're here to help them achieve video streaming excellence!
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Hold live webcasts with the right tools to engage your audience in real-time. Get instant analytics on their actions and receive live feedback to adjust your content dynamically. Encourage audience participation: allow your audience to submit questions at any time and have your presenter or supporting staff answer them during the live broadcast.

& Courses

Webinars improve your online visibility. With a webinar you can showcase your expertise and promote your products and services worldwide. Create live or pre-recorded webinars with embedded interaction. Perfect for marketing & sales, internal communication, training & education, yearly reports and investor relations.

TV & Radio

Launching an internal communication channel is an excellent way to create employee engagement. Have your employees record podcasts from behind their computer, broadcast a live Q&A session every week, let employees share meaningful stories or give them total control by letting them choose their own favorite songs.


Virtual events are built around a similar theme and branding as an off-line event. The online counterpart combines breakout sessions and interactive moments in a virtual environment - built to engage your audience and wanting them to explore more. Add pre-recorded video, podcasts, PDF leaflets and online one-to-one meetings, and you can deliver the ultimate immersive experience.

Built on the shoulders of giants.

With years of experience in the streaming world, we noticed an absence of uncomplicated streaming tools.
As building a global streaming platform would have been a gigantic task, we decided to build on cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. As a result, we were able to develop massively scalable solutions rather quickly – it took us months of hard work, instead of years.
You, as a customer, will both love the simplicity and innovative nature of our streaming platform, and enjoy the global reliability and scalability delivered by industry-standard cloud providers.


asked questions

Definitely. But with a twist. Our platform is built for live-streaming production companies, not for end-users per se. If you are - or have - someone in your organisation who is technically adept, you'll be livestreaming in no time. We even sell a separate crash-course on how to set up livestreaming software to get going.
But opening up your laptop, turning on your webcam and starting a webcast: not just yet (we are working on that). As we want to deliver a reliable solution for everyone, we believe in making it work with traditional industry software first, and add bells and whistles later. Not the other way around.
Not with us, as we don't sell subscription packages. We bill you per live event, and the prices scales accordingly to the amount of viewers or particpants. If you want specifics - ask for a demo or a quote by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page. We respond quickly!
Yes, we can easily accommodate thousands of viewers at once. And because we have a hybrid cloud approach, we can even handle tens of thousands of viewers if needed. When you log into your account, you'll be presented with a choice of a setting up a webcast for a medium-sized audience or for a large capacity event. Depending on your choice, our software will set itself up automatically for the capacity needed.
Certainly, through our streem+ service (only Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and France at the moment), we will be able to provide you with a worldwide pool of production teams. So if you're offices are spread around the globe, we'll be able to send a local crew to you in no time. They'll be trained by us, properly briefed on both production and technical aspects and you'll have one constant point of contact when you have questions.

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